“Historia is living inside the history you are learning.”
-Julia E. Age 12

HISTORIA was created by Rick Brennan and Jason Darnell, social studies teachers who wanted to get their 6th graders excited about history by creating a learning experience that was student driven, challenging and fun.

Rick and Jason taught with HISTORIA in their classrooms for over six years, refining the design of the game each year.  Other local teachers began to seek their assistance to implement HISTORIA in their own classes.  When the project achieved national exposure by being featured by the Atlantic, Fast Company and the Institute of Play,  Rick and Jason decided the time was right to seek a publisher to help develop a technology-based version of the product.

Now together with their publishing partners, E-Line Media and Upper One Games, Rick and Jason hope to challenge students all over the country and the world to learn history by leading it.

HISTORIA will be available for interactive whiteboard, tablets and Mac/PC in 2014.

Here’s how HISTORIA works:

The goal of HISTORIA is to grow a civilization and keep it strong over time. Students work in teams to lead fictional civilizations that compete along side (and sometimes against) the great empires of the past. Highly competitive and compelling rigorous, HISTORIA is for teachers who want to give their students a deeply meaningful and engaging learning experience that they will remember forever.

In each unit, or Epoch, students face a Dilemma about which their decisions will impact the future of their people. Students research history — using their textbook, trusted online sites and other resources — to understand how their decisions will impact the economic, military and cultural strength of their civilization. Students are also challenged to assess the potential impact of key Events in each Epoch that might occur and affect the progress of their civilization.

As the results of each turn are revealed, the teams reflect upon the outcome of their decisions and, more importantly, the quality of their research, analysis and decision-making processes to best prepare for the next Epoch.

More About The Partners

E-Line Media is a publisher of game-based learning products and services that engage, educate and empower. E-Line partners with leading foundations, universities, government agencies and nonprofits to develop and publish games for learning, health and social impact. E-Line’s consumer games are designed to fire the imagination, catalyze curiosity and create gateways to new ideas, themes and interests. E-Line’s educational games create new learning pathways and provide critical foundations for helping to prepare youth for meaningful, successful lives and careers in the 21st Century.

Histrionix Learning Company, LLC provides fun, interactive, game-based curriculua to public, private and home schools that improve student achievement by engaging all learning styles, enhancing critical thinking skills and encouraging creative problem solving, which are the building blocks of thoughtful, twenty-first century students and citizens.

As the first U.S. based indigenous-owned game company, Upper One Games, LLC, seeks to harness the power of the medium to engage young people in fresh, vibrant ways and create unique and innovative game-based cultural and educational experiences, whether in the home or in the classroom. Upper One Games is an initiative launched by Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) in Anchorage, Alaska, and its publishing and development partner E-Line Media of New York. CITC is the primary educational, workforce development and social service provider for Alaska Native and American Indian people residing in the Anchorage/Cook Inlet Region of Alaska.

The mission of the Center for Games & Impact is to investigate, innovate, and cultivate game-infused solutions to society’s biggest challenges…with the goal of unleashing the unique potential of digital games to drive meaningful, sustainable learning, health and social impact. Part of the Mary Lou Fulton Teacher’s College at Arizona State University, The Center for Games and Impact (CGI) realizes its mission through partnerships among learning scientists, game developers and socially-responsible entrepreneurs to rigorously study and innovate around the full life cycle of impact games: research, design, develop, implement, market, distribute, assess and optimize. Through these partnerships, we will harness the power of games to create sustainable solutions for society’s biggest social, cultural, scientific, economic and educational challenges.